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The best way to find out if signagelive® is for you is to try it for yourself, you can trial a fully functional version of signagelive for 30 days absolutely free of charge with live support to help you along the way. You can choose any or all of the signagelive player versions we have available to test which is right for your application.

If signagelive meets your needs, we can convert your trial to a paid for version at any time and you can carry on using the same setup, as a bonus we will also add any unused trial days on to the end of your full license.

To make best use of your trial you are going to need a PC or SMIL device with Internet access to act as a player and preferably a second computer with Internet access to act as controller. It is possible for you to use one machine to do both but you won’t have a true end to end experience.

To get up and running with full unrestricted Free 30-day trial of signagelive, follow these four simple steps and then sign-up for a trial using the button at the bottom of this page:

Step 1

Signagelive Free Trial1

Enter your contact details and a valid email address then select ‘sign up’.

Step 2

Signagelive Free Trial2

If your have entered the correct information you be presented with the congratulations page ready to login to signagelive.

Step 3

Signagelive Free Trial3

Once logged into signagelive, you have the chance to try each of the four player versions that we offer. Select the required ‘try’ button under the signagelive player version you want to use.

Step 4

Signagelive Free Trial4

Having selected the version of the signagelive player version you want to try, make sure you check the system requirements for the selected player version using the links displayed, then follow the link to download the player software onto the hardware player you have allocated for your trial. SMIL hardware devices do not require any software to be downloaded.

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