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Corporate Communications

The signagelive software platform is used in reception areas in conjunction with Satellite and IPTV feeds to create ‘Bloomberg’ style corporate branded displays to inform and educate guests. Adding signagelive desktop and screensaver options to corporate PC’s enable rich media messages to be distributed to 1,000’s of employees and shown alongside or interspersed with IPTV feeds.


Digital signage within education has exploded over the last few years with schools and universities deploying multi-site ’school information systems’ to keep visitors, pupils and teachers informed of the many and varied activities. signagelive has been the platform of choice for many schools, colleges and universities looking for a simple, yet powerful solution for managing a wide range of connected players from a single display in a reception area, through to PC screensavers to keep students informed of school activities.


As a pioneer of Digital Media solutions for retail, signagelive offers retailers a simple, yet comprehensive platform to manage all of their in-store activity. From in-window displays to the latest cost effective shelf-edge technology, signagelive offers unrivalled flexibility and scalability for multi-site Retail networks.

Digital Out Of Home (DOOH)

Digital Out of Home (DOOH) has emerged as an established medium for advertisers, alongside traditional posters, TV and Radio. signagelive is used throughout the world to deliver cost effective digital advertising with full playback compliance and integration with the latest audience measurement technology.

Digital Menu Boards

When combined with the latest LCD Display technology, signagelive offer a great solution for turning static menus into dynamic easy to update digital menu boards for the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) sector and Pubs and Bars. The signagelive Message Manager allows preset templates to be updated both locally or remotely at the click of a mouse, whilst our Data Manager enables automated price updates to be displayed from EPOS and central data sources.


From doctors and vets waiting areas through to pharmacies and hospitals, signagelive is in use daily providing patients, customers and employees with up to the minute information on the latest healthcare topics and available products. signagelive is the platform of choice for several Digital Out of Home companies who have deployed large-scale networks of Healthcare locations combining advertising with important health related messages.


Many hotels, bars and restaurants have selected signagelive to provide a comprehensive range of digital signage displays for their customers. From large format displays in hotel lobbies and in-room information to small 10 displays located outside meeting rooms, signagelive provides unrivalled flexibility and price/performance for the Hospitality sector.


signagelive is used by airport and bus operators across the world to provide real time information to customers interspersed with local and national advertising. Our Message Manager and Data Manager offers full dynamic integration with local flight and bus data, whilst support for 3G and GPS enables signagelive to be used on moving vehicles with content reflecting the exact location of the vehicle.



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