News - Morgan Signs fund raise with 10k challenge for CATS foundation


Morgan Signs fund raise with 10k challenge for CATS foundation - September 11, 2012

Morgan Signs MD, Mike Kitchin's nephew Archie is 2 years old and at Christmas time was diagnosed with a rare genetic disease called Tay Sachs. This disease causes progressive deterioration of mental and physical abilities and unfortunately all who have it die by the age of four. There is no cure for Tay Sachs as yet but we are supporting the CATS foundation - Cure and Action for Tay Sachs - a charity set up to raise awareness of the disease, fundraise to find a cure and support families.

Morgan Signs have entered the CATS 10k challenge, a year long event which plans to get a different person to run 10k every day of the year. We have managed to get enough runners for 3 weeks starting this week!

We will be regularly posting updates on our runners and their progress in the hope that we raise much needed funds for CATS foundation. Any donation, no matter how large or small will be gratefully received via our Just Giving page.

For regular updates please follow @Morganconsult on twitter or visit our Facebook page

thanks in advance for your support...
The Morgan Signs CATS 10k team

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