Multi Touch Screens

32”- 82” Infrared Multi Touch Screen Displays

The brand new range of Infrared Multi Touch Screen Displays are ideal for commercial use.

These interactive displays are simple to use and have many exciting applications. The brand new range of IR Multi Touch Screen Displays includes mountable units that can be used in both landscape and portrait modes. There are also both landscape and portrait models of our Freestanding IR Multi Touch Screen Displays.

All displays have an infrared multi touch screen system that is ideal for public locations as a finger, gloved hand, pen or stylus can be used as a pointer. This method uses a series of LED and photodetector pairs around the edge of the screen that are used to detect disruption in the infrared beams. There are both vertical and horizontal beams, helping sensors pick up the exact location of the touch. Activating the screen requires no pressure so will incur less damage over time. Unlike capacitive touch screens, infrared touch screens do not require any glass patterning. Not only does this improve optical clarity, it also increases its durability. The Multi Touch Screen Displays’ protective glass has a Mohs hardness rating of 7, giving it the same hardness as Quartz.

The Wall Mounted IR Multi Touch Screen Displays come in display sizes 32” to 82”. In the Freestanding range there is a landscape 40” kiosk version as well as 46” and 55” portrait models. Common environments for this range include retail locations like supermarkets, department stores, drug stores, show rooms and shopping centres as well as banks, bars, cafés, gyms, train/bus stations, travel agents, hospitals, schools, museums, exhibition displays, cinemas, conference halls hotel lobbies and reception areas.

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