Indoor Video Walls


40”- 46” Tiling Video Wall Displays

This range of displays includes two models with the narrowest bezel size in production

For large scale digital signage solutions, an LCD video wall may be appropriate. With their full High Definition display and use of Samsung DID panel not only will these displays have a long life but are also highly reliable. They have a colour temperature of 10000K and a 178° viewing angle, ensuring a large clear display even in sunshine.

The built in eco-friendly power timer allows for a reduced power usage in those hours that the displays are not required.

The Tiling Video Wall Displays also have a built in smart temperature control system, allowing them to be in constant use if required.

The standard bezel size with LCD video walls is 10mm and suits the majority of applications. This range of displays also includes two 46” models with the narrowest bezel size in production. Our super narrow bezel models give a screen to screen size of just 7.3mm.

The Tiling Video Wall Displays also have a powerful interface supporting Video, VGA, DVI, RGB/HV and YPbPr.

These displays can be used as a single unit or as part of a tiled video wall. As a video wall the video signal is sent to a splitter then to each screen. Each screen can be set to display any portion of the image or video being sent using the remote control. The video wall can have any configuration that the user requires.


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