Indoor Digital Posters

21” & 32” Portrait Digital Posters

The contemporary Digital Posters are an ideal replacement for static posters.

The newly updated, slimmer, range of Portrait Digital Posters offer a modern and stylish method of media display. The contemporary Digital Posters are an ideal replacement for static posters.

Their sleek, elegant tempered glass styling, ability to be in constant use and wide viewing angle means that they offer many advantages over using home TVs for commercial display. As well as these benefits the Portrait Digital Posters are also generally brighter than home TVs and have no buttons or controls on show. The Digital Posters also come with a free wall mount.

Their built in media player allows for a simple plug and play method for content update making them extremely user friendly. They also have a lockable compartment for mass storage devices used to update the display. The Portrait Digital Posters also come with scheduling software to allow the user to set up playlists with images, videos and music to play at different periods during the day.

There are two sizes of the Portrait Digital Posters, the 21” and 32”. They have an extremely diverse range of practical applications such as retail locations like supermarkets, department stores, pharmacies, show rooms and shopping centres as well as banks, bars, cafés, gyms, art galleries, salons, train/bus stations, travel agents, hospitals, schools, museums, exhibition displays, cinemas and conference halls.


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